Cameroon may not host the competition, Gabon ready to take it from Cameroon

Something may be wrong with Cameroon

After a possible date change in the African Cup of Nations which has been controversial for a few days, the organization may also

experience a change in the host country.

In fact, work on the Paul Biya Stadium in Olembe, which is expected to host the inauguration ceremony and the final, has come to a halt

because of the workers ’salary arrears.

The Cameroonian government is looking for loans of around 24 billion. Garoua’s site is not progressing. Not to mention the road and health

infrastructures that require heavy investments. The security situation in Limbe, which is located in an area of ​​the English-speaking conflict,

is hardly reassuring.

According to rumors, Gabon is mentioned as a likely solution to save the AFCON 2021 in the event of Cameroon’s failure to finish the


Adel Hajji, first vice-president of the media sector, said this Saturday on Algerian television that “strong discussions are going in this

direction. Nevertheless, CAF President Ahmad Ahmad will go to Cameroon in person to judge the progress of the work. He will be

accompanied by experts.

However, a good organization of the CHAN 2020 to be held in Cameroon from April 4 to 25 could remove any uncertainty regarding the

organization of CAN 2021.

By shifting the date of the competition to January, Cameroon definitely has just exactly one year to host the competition. Given all the

infrastructural development, health, security, and other necessities, it is tempted for one to look at Cameroon and ask if the country is ready

to host the competition.

If this right is withdrawn from Cameroon it will mean doing so consecutively two times.

We will know more in the days and months to come about the organization of this 2021 AFCON.

By Subiru M.