Paul Biya will recognize 22 players for their 1990 world cup brilliant performance.


Don’t we say ‘better late than never’? The valiant Indomitable Lions who reached the quarter-finals of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, will finally get the homes promised by President Paul Biya 30 years ago. The act of the Head of State is part of national recognition, “President Paul Biya will decide to grant 22 housing units to the 22 heroes of the World 90 as a recognition of the nation” , National Housing Director announced.

But sadly, three of the players, Louis Paul Mfede, Benjamin Massing and Stephen Tataw, have already passed away. The long wait is explained by the fact that a list of 44 names has been submitted, instead of 22 players on the team. A request for only 22 names was made, but then the minister responsible for the file changed and the question was forgotten. An association of former Indomitable Lions players, led by Bertin Ebwelle, relaunched the case with a letter to the presidency in June. On Wednesday, President Paul Biya signed a note giving the green light for houses to the director of housing.

Unfortunately, Massing, Mfede, and Stephen Tataw who are dead will not benefit from this recognition.

It is evident that the disappointment and death of Tataw Stephen as revealed by one of his former team mate promted this gesture from the president of the republic.

Recall that the Cameroon football team participated in its second World Cup in 1990, in Italy. The Lions, coached by the Russian Valeri Nepomniachi, will cause the biggest surprise of the tournament by winning in the opening match against the defending champion, Argentina of Diego Maradona (1-0, goal by François Omam- Biyik).