The Head of States made another public appearance during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when he is considered death by many Cameroonians.

On Wednesday May 13, 2020 president Paul Biya made his second public appearance since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon.

At the Unity Palace, the head of states granted audience to the special representative of the United Nations Secretary General, François Louncény Fall.

Their conversation focused on the security, economic and political situation of the sub region, as well as measures to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Head of the Office of the Nations United in Central Africa, François Lounceny Fall described his interview with the president as frank and fruitful.

“We had a frank, fruitful interview and I leave this comforted audience, knowing that the wisdom of President Biya will continue to guide all the actions that are carried out to make Cameroon a united and stable country”,he said.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, François Louncény Fall said “the Head of State told me at length about all the measures that Cameroon is taking to deal with this pandemic. I take this opportunity to bring the full support of the United Nations to all initiatives taken in this direction.”

Regarding the security situations of the country, especially the current Anglophone Crisis, he described  president Paul Biya “an attentive observer and advised on the challenges facing Cameroon and on the Government’s provisions to strengthen Cameroon’s stability and cohesion ” .

This is the third public appearance the Head of State is making since the declaration pf the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon on March 6, 2020.

He made his first appearance on March 11, when he granted audience to the United States Ambassador to Cameroon HE Peter Henri Ballerine.

After series of absences and questioning and rumors from Cameroonians about his death, the president showed up again when on April 16, he granted audience to the French Ambassador to Cameroon Christophe Guilhou.

His third public appearance yesterday came to clear all doubts and rumors of his death.