Abgor Balla claims his dismissal is a revenge from the minister of Higher Education for naming him one of the instigators of the current Anglophone Crisis.

Agbor Balla, a lawyer and human rights defender was dismissed from the University of Buea last week by the Vice Chancellor of the university.

His dismissal was as a result of an examination question he set, asking students questions relating to the current Anglophone Crisis that began in 2016.

In an interview with daily Le Jour, Monday 11 May, 2020 edition, the lawyer said he did nothing wrong as an instructor.

” If you ask my students, they will tell you that I am faultless. I did not ask them a question outside of their training. I’m in the middle of my teaching role. Besides, I give them little keys for life, quite simply: how to write a curriculum vitae, how to express myself during a job interview… I think I did my job, in full compliance with what the university is asking me , “he said during the interview.

He said the same questions he is accused of has already been asked in other universities of the country, but his own earned him a dismissal from the university.

” I just arrived, as a firefighter!” I even deserved a medal for this level of professional dedication. It’s very surprising, what happens to me. I am supposed to teach the political history of Cameroon to students, and it necessarily involves the English-speaking question … This is done in all the universities of Cameroon, the question that I am accused of having asked has already been asked elsewhere, in our universities, ” he added.

My dismissal was a revenge from Mr. Fame Ndongo

According to Agbor Balla, his dismissal is a revenge from the minister when during one of his television interview he named Mr. Fame Ndongo as one of the instigators of the current crisis in the North West and South West regions.

Never forget that in one of my television interviews I named Mr. Fame Ndongo as one of the instigators of the current crisis in the English-speaking regions from Cameroon. I said that Mr. Fame Ndongo, with his arrogance, his negligence, his contempt, was one of those who had pushed the fires of this situation. It’s a lousy revenge… ” , Balla said.

” What I retain from this case, as a lawyer, is that I remain on my positions which are in a memo that I sent them: the law of 1993 was never respected, even the commitments made in 2017 has never been respected, you know, I am paid 206,000 FCFA as emoluments at university… I am not there to earn my living. I value my principles and I work for the future, ”, again he stated.