After recovering his passport from the government, Longue Longue drops a new music attacking the Biya regime.

The artist has just released into the market a new music that attacks the present government.

Few months ago Longue Longue was on his knees begging the government for forgiveness.

He pleaded to see his children grow old with him.

Today he has return to the very reason which led to the confiscation of his passport.

He called on the francophone government to hand over power to the anglophones.

When Longue Longue was crying begging for his passport

When Longue Longue was crying begging for his passport

Francophones, two presidents. Pass power to an English speaker.”

The artist went further to denounce the different corrupt institutions of the “old people”.

The presidency, the senate, the national assembly, the constitutional council are all headed by old people above 75 years.

According to Longue Longue if all was well in Cameroon, there wouldn’t have been any adventure.

” If we were well at home, would we take the road of adventure. Ah Mister President! “, he cited.

It is the mismanagement of the country that has resulted to many people treated as slaves in Libya, in an adventure to Europe.

He criticized the appointment to power revolving withing and around a few families and friends, with some particular persons appointed into a position for more than 25 years.

” How can you appoint an individual to a position for 25 years, 30 years”. “And after when they’re going to fly, are you going to send them the hawk, who named them first?”, Longue Longue asked.

It seems Simon Longue Longue has forgotten so so what happened to him few months back when his passport was seized.

It was Djene Djento who called on the wife of the president, Chantal Biya to come to his rescue.

Could it be that Longue Longue is seeking for a Canadian political asylum as it has been his desire?