It is unbelievable and unimaginable that Paul Biya can not present himself to his people.

There has been a lot of criticism from Cameroonians about the Biya regime.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the head of state has been silence.

To address the very people who legitimately gave him power has become a favor they need to beg for.

Jean-Bruno Tagne, former Deputy Director of Canal 2 international, in charge of information finds it unimaginable for the president to disappear suddenly at a time such as this.

“ A president who has been elected by his people cannot disappear in such a context without explanation. It is not imaginable if it is really the people who gave it its legitimacy. Fake Elections ”, Jean-Bruno Tagne tweeted.

His tweet elicited several comments from Cameroonians across the world.

According to an anonymous internet user, the spread of COVID-19 is a war and president Paul Biya is the war chief.

To the user, it is sorcery for the president to justify his silence.

”  The fight against the covid19 spread is a war, the warchief is the President of the Republic. Explaining and justifying his silence in the face of such a global pandemic where all the heads of state are on the front line is quite simply SORCERY “, he commented.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Biya has only been speaking on the canvas.

His several weeks of disappearance has only given birth to rumors of his death.

This has made political leaders to call on the constitutional council to declare the presidency vacant.

After several pressure from the population, Biya later appeared on April 16, 2020, granting audience to the French Ambassador to Cameroon HE Christophe Guilhou.

The granting of audience to the French Ambassador was not enough to reassure the several Cameroonians who still affirms that the French diplomat has engaged in a staging with the Cameroon government.