After Bishop Kleda confirmed his COVD-19 treatments, the Traditional healers from the west region have announced their “Covid Ntem”, plant based cure and treatment medicine for COVID-19.

Several private initiative to find a remedy for the coronavirus keeps increasing.

In an extraordinary meeting held in Bafoussam on April 20, 2020, in partnership with in partnership with the alliance of princes and princesses and young traditional leaders of Africa and the diaspora, the members of the Organization of Traditional Traders of the Western Region (OSEMETO ), proposed their “Covid Ntem”, an artemisia plant based solution to COVID-19.

On April 30, 2020, the ethnobotanist and president of the organization Noukagheu Nya, confided in the daily newspaper Le Jour.

According to Noukanheu Nya, the product can be used as both a preventive and curative against COVID-19.

“ This product effective against malaria can be taken as a preventive and curative against Coronavirus. Covid-Ntem is part of the “Binan anti-Covid” plan put in place during the work of the extraordinary general assembly of OSEMETO held on April 20, 2020 in Bafoussam ”, he said.

Via their “Binan anti-Covid” the members of the organization brings together their traditional endogenous solution under the framework of the prevention and fight against the coronavirus.

These traditional healers have the intention to provide “ seeds of the bark and plants of certain identified species, namely artemisia annua, cinchona, piper umbrellatum. They say they are ready to produce and package reserve herbal medicines that can be used in the event of a rapid evolution of the pandemic ,” the paper reads.

After the Cameroon Order of Doctors rejected the COVID-19 cure of Bishop Kleda, it still remains unclear if the same authority will approve that of OSEMETO.