Cameroonians are in doubt about the whereabouts of the president Paul Biya.

Many Cameroonians are in doubt about the whereabouts of their president Paul Biya.

Since the recording of cases of the coronavirus in Cameroon, the president of Cameroon has remained mute.

While the head of states of other countries are addressing their nation about the coronavirus, Cameroon has not seen their president addressing the nation.

Early last week there were videos circulating the social media that the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya is dead.

There has been rumours all over the country and social media that the president died last week.

Few days ago the president created a solidarity fund and deposited one billion francs CFA into the account to fight against COVID-19.

Despite that, Cameroonians are still not satisfied and convinced the decision came from the president himself.

Many has been calling on the president to show out himself so as to wipe away all doubts.

Government officials and ministers has responded to the rumours about the death of the president.

According to government officials the president is doing fwell, and only attending to other matters of the state.

The arrival of Franck Biya

there are images and videos on social media showing the arrival of Frank Biya in the Unity Palace.

He was given a heroic welcome.

Around him are some presidential guards and ministers.

The son of the president is known for his simplicity and has not been seen before being given such a heroic welcome.

This coupled with the silence of the head of states, has made several Cameroonians to believe that it is not just a rumour but true that the president is no more.

In as much as many are convinced of his departure, a majority of the population are still hopeful that in less than not time the president will show up to address the nation.