The CPDM of president Paul Biya grabs 18 of the 20 seats in the North West region

The 400,000 registered voters in the NW and SW regions cast an overwhelmingly vote to the ruling CPDM.

February 9, 2020, was the day set for the twin municipal and legislative elections in Cameroon.

In this election, the CPDM took more than 80 percent of the seats in the North West and South West regions.

The Social Democratic Front(SDF), the main opposition party forwarded a petition to the Constitutional Council of the country, calling for partial cancellation of elections.

The SDF believed that the various polling stations were too far from the voters’ home residence.

They also advanced the insecurity in the two regions as a result of the ongoing crisis.

To the SDF, the government did not put in place adequate measures to guarantee the security of voters.

To the above effect, the elections in the North West and South West regions were partially cancelled.

The election was partially canceled in the electoral divisions of Menchum-North and South, Mezam-Center, North and South, Bui-Center, South and West, localities of Momo-West and East to the North West on the one hand, and Lebialem in the Southwest region.

The population and registered voters of these divisions finally gave their votes to the CPDM on March 22, 2020.

Thus, in the end, the CPDM finally saw an overwhelming victory, winning 18 out of 20 seats, gaining the same victorious position as was February 9, 2020.

The question is, will the SDF file another petition to the Constitutional Council?