The vitriolic reports written by international organizations on the country, charge the defense forces while they praise the terrorist action.

“There is something incomprehensible and even pernicious with the reports that some NGOs have been laying on Cameroon lately (…)

This attitude is all the more incomprehensible since some of these NGOs have an established reputation.

Hence the question of why these institutions, however respected throughout the world, can they express themselves with such lightness on issues that affect the lives of populations, the unity and security of a State ”.

Overall, it is the indignation to which Cameroonians are now resolved, who see each passing day, their country dragged into slush by these organizations under the pretext of defending human rights.

However, the evidence of collusion between the criminal gangs which sow terror and desolation among the populations of the two English-speaking regions and certain international organizations are established.

The arrest on February 24, 2020 for example, of a dangerous secessionist terrorist named Nfor Yacubu, and the exploitation of his mobile phone, made it possible to establish that the interested party maintains close relations of active complicity with Mrs.

Ilaria Allegrozi Human Rights Watch researcher, author of the vitriol report on the events in Ngarbuh. It was therefore with the aim of distracting public opinion that the NGO published the day after this arrest, the hotpot in which the army was accused “of the murder of 21 civilians including a woman and thirteen children”.

This attitude of Human Rights Watch has become recurrent in recent years among many international organizations.
Obviously, some of them are guilty of a troubled game aimed at destabilizing Cameroon, making this humanitarian cooperation suspect.

At the beginning of January 2020, an unexpected check carried out by the army in a “humanitarian” convoy had made it possible to discover, in addition to rice, soaps and cans, officially declared, cases of ammunition, pairs of binoculars and assault rifles and Android phones hidden in the cargo.

Long before, an ambulance from a humanitarian agency was apprehended with on board, three dangerous terrorists wanted by the security services and a large quantity of weapons of war.

Facts to which must be added the publication of erroneous statistics on the number of internally displaced persons or on the victims of this “dirty war”.

Especially since last week, a person announced dead in the context of this crisis, denounced on a radio in Douala, the lying nature of the information of this NGO.

Faced with this manifest campaign of disinformation and demonization, the government of the Republic “strongly denounces this approach, which undoubtedly illustrates all the bad faith of these organizations, tirelessly determined to damage the image of Cameroon and the stability of our institutions ”.

Source: Actu Cameroun.