On Sunday March 1, Emmanuel Macron and Paul Biya spoke through the phone on the matters of the English speaking regions.

The French president called his Cameroonian counterpart on phone yesterday Sunday March 1, 2020.

Several news agencies, including the AFP and Reuters , inform the number 1 French telephoned the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya , on Sunday 1 st March 2020.

During a telephone interview, the two leaders “discussed the security situation in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon”, said the Elysee.

“They agreed on the need for an impartial investigation in response to the violence committed against civilian populations in the village of Ngarbuh, in the North West province,” added the French presidency, AFP


According to information gathered by the AFP, 40 to 50 armed men wearing military uniforms and masked, on the 14 of February attacked the Ngarbuh district, in the locality of Ntumbo, before shooting and burning


According to the UN, which has requested an independent and impartial investigation, 15 children, including nine under the age of five, are among the 23 victims.

The Cameroonian presidency reacted by “rejecting” the “surprising words” of Emmanuel Macron.

The French president  Emmanuel Macron had promised it to the Cameroonian activist Calibro Calibri on how he was going to talk with Paul Biya. And the French President has kept his word.

Emmanuel Macron had promised Calibro Calibri during the Paris Agricultural Show how he was going to put “the maximum pressure” on Mr. Biya over the  intolerable violence in Cameroon.

The two Heads of State have “agreed to stay in touch on the monitoring of political initiatives resulting from the Grand National Dialogue, in particular the establishment of a special statute for English-

speaking regions”, AFP reports.

It is clear that most of the March 1 phone conversation focused on the anglophone crisis, in providing adequate solution to end the crisis.