A ranking published by WebsiteToolTester details the countries with the fastest internet connection. And Cameroon ranks 193rd out of 207 countries in 2019.

A ranking of the countries and territories of the world according to the speed of their connection for the account of the year 2019 was made public by WebsiteToolTester.

Analysts have studied the results of online speed tests performed by users from 207 countries and territories to rank them according to the best performing connections.

Cameroon finds itself in 193rd place and does worse than in 2018 where it was ranked 172nd out of 200 countries and in the 2017 year during which the country found itself 167th out of 189 countries.

According to the breakdown, in Cameroon, to download a 5 GB video, it takes a little more than 11 hours of time

In the rest of the world

The country with the fastest connection in Taiwan, where you can download a 5 GB video in eight minutes and two seconds. For comparison, in Yemen, which is ranked last in this list, it takes around thirty hours to get there.

As a reminder, experts have analyzed data from billions of speed tests around the world. 207 countries and territories appear in the list, along with the newcomers.

Analysts excluded from their list of countries where an obvious network failure was noted as well as those where there were fewer than 100 unique IP addresses completing the test.


Source: Actu Cameroun