Along with officials from the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Communication, spokesperson for the government, gave a press point in the evening of this Thursday, February 27, 2020 in the auditorium of his ministerial department in Yaoundé .

The exercise consisted for Minister René Emmanuel Sadi, responding on behalf of the Cameroonian government, to the latest Human Rights Watch report on the massacre of civilians on February 14, 2020 in

Ngarbuh, a village in the North West, one of the two English-speaking regions plagued by a war of independence.

In its report published on February 25, the international NGO bluntly accuses the Cameroonian army of being the author of the Ngarbuh massacre, not without asserting that the death toll was 21 civilians including a

woman and thirteen children.

A balance sheet and accusations that the Cameroonian government again rejected this Thursday evening.

“The NGO” Human Rights Watch “, like several other groups claiming the status of political activists or human rights defenders, hastened to publish an erroneous assessment of this regrettable incident, while

describing with force details and in a fanciful way, the supposed adventures of the chain of events, as well as the alleged perpetrators, without having made the slightest descent on the ground, nor any investigation

whatsoever. The Cameroonian Government strongly denounces this step, which undoubtedly illustrates all the bad faith of these organizations, tirelessly determined to damage the image of Cameroon and the stability

of our Institutions ”declared the government spokesperson.