Minister Atanga Nji Paul presented a succesful election assessment after the polls were closed.

The Minister of territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji says the elections in all the regions was a success.

The legislative and municipal elections took place with calm and serenity. The minister said this in a press conference after the closing of the polls of February 9, 2020.

The minister said Cameroonians did not listen to politicians and ”terrorists” who called for elections boycott. Cameroonians to him came out in their numbers to vote.

“The slogan of boycott launched by certain leaders of political parties who, in reality, were afraid to participate in the elections, was completely ignored by the vast majority of Cameroonians,” said Paul Atanga Nji.

“The call for boycott made by leaders of political parties who lacked the courage to confront the electorate in the legislative and municipal elections was largely ignored by the vast majority of Cameroonians.

“Today’s legislative and municipal elections were held in calm and transparency throughout the country,” he said, adding that everything had gone well, including in the North West regions. and Southwest.

“After the closing of the polling stations, it is obvious that the calls for boycott launched by crooked politicians and the terrorists in loss of speed, did not have any echo near the Cameroonians” , he added.

Government sent journalists to NOSO

According to the minister  journalists were sent to cover the elections in the North West and South West,

“150 journalists were accredited to cover the election in the North West and South West regions. Their reports are testimonies of the serenity that reigned through out the polls”, said the minister.

Without a numerical turn over rate, the minister said the voters were largely mobilized.

“The Cameroonians answered the call of the Head of State and went massively to the polls to exercise their right to vote,” he said.