Piccini Group writes to the Head of States after a breach of the agreement by the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

The Italian company, which has seen its contract terminated by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education (Minsep), denounces the abusive breach of the contract and criticizes the ill-treatment inflicted on its agents who remained in Cameroon.

In his correspondence, the boss of the PICCINI group requests the Head of State to take any action aimed at the safety of people and property, the owner of the building company demands explanations from the

Head of State in order to know if the order to take its collaborator’s hostage and to seize the material and the equipment of donation company emanates from the presidency of the Republic.

What the Piccini group’s CEO says, Ma-Konnen Asmaron

“… After an unfounded decision to withdraw from the construction market of the 2021 AFCON (…) financed by the Italian government, to our surprise, and in violation of the rules which govern this type of market, a

unilateral decision was taken in favor of a Canadian company while the construction continued its course, explains the CEO of the Italian building company.

The Italian company says it has chosen to stay of its own free will in Cameroon since November, date of the breach of the contract, the question of honoring the contractual provisions which binds it to Cameroon while awaiting an “objective and amicable ”from the President of

the Republic. This says Makon-nen Asmaron, to avoid the country any constraint of reimbursing Italy of all the sums involved in this market.

“As this decision has not yet been made, we find ourselves in a situation that risks escalating at any time,” he said.

Opening the dialogue

The president of Piccini paves the way for a negotiated solution to this question by stretching the pole of dialogue and a compromise mutually beneficial for both parties. He, therefore, said that he favored

“intelligent and transparent dialogue over legal procedures”. But, the Italian boss out of the fangs by blacklisting the administrative authorities including the governor of the Center region, whom he accuses of having ordered the

hostage of the builder’s personnel on January 27, 2020, on the site of the Olembe stadium. “The latter also decided, without respecting the rules of law, to seize the machinery and equipment of my company

(which amounts to several million euros) to make it available to the Canadian company Magil”, reveals the boss.

By Subiru Madina.