In a message posted on his Facebook account, the outgoing member for Wouri East talks about why he walked on the effigy of the CPDM.

On January 25, 2020, during the launch of the Sdf campaign, in the 3rd district of Douala, Jean Michel Nintcheu made his show. He walks on holding the CPDM to mark his victory over the party of Paul Biya. On

social networks, this practice arouses indignation. The activists of the CPDM, are in the foreground to condemn this act. The elected official of the nation has just made an exit on his Facebook account, in which he

remains serene.

“I note with astonishment that the selective memory of those in power is on the move to criticize the civic act that I performed while trampling with satisfaction on one of the symbols of the sufferings and misfortunes of

the Cameroonian people. I want to clarify that if it were to be done again I would do it again, in order to wash the honor of the Cameroonian people. As I gleefully trample on the effigies of the CPDM, I intended to

demonstrate my rage against all the policies of renewal.” Writes the politician.

The reasons

For the SDF deputy, market on the holding of the CPDM, it market on a symbol of the dictatorship and bad governance. “I have walked against underdevelopment and the suffering inflicted on the Cameroonian people

for thirty-eight years. I walked against the indifference of the CPDM government which refuses to bring a federal solution to the Anglophone crisis and feasts on the blood of our compatriots in the NOSO regions,

whose villages have been reduced to ashes.” “I walked to arouse the indignation of the Cameroonian people who must take their destiny in hand and reduce to nothing the nuisance capacity of the CPDM. I walked for

a new day to rise on Cameroon. I walked to send a strong message to this thurifer of power who in the north believed he could burn the tunics of an opposition party with impunity.” Concludes the outgoing member of

the SDF member for Douala 3 municipality.

By Subiru Madina