While in the country, the President of the National Assembly did not make the trip last Friday to the headquarters of Yaoundé.

Special event this Friday, January 24, 2020, at the headquarters in Yaoundé. We then witness the exit of the 37th promotion of the Joint Military School (Emia). The particular device is chartered for the occasion, in particular at the headquarters gallery. This protocol provides that the President of the Republic has on his right, Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, the President of the National Assembly. This to replace Niat Njifenji, second personality of the sick country.

To everyone’s surprise, the President of the National Assembly is absent for this meeting. Sources indicate that he is at home and goes about his business freely. The same sources also inform that Thursday, January 23, 2020, just on the eve of this ceremony, the all-powerful President of the National Assembly is active. That same day, he receives in Mada, his native village in the Far North, the traditional chiefs of the department of Mayo-Sava.

Very angry

“Most often, when he is not in Yaoundé and there is an exit for the President of the Republic, President Cavaye has a special plane chartered to allow him to be present alongside President Biya. It is therefore for the first time that he decides to stay at home while President Biya is outside. I am not surprised by this decision because, for some time, the President of the National Assembly has been very angry with the President. ” Releases a close associate of Mada’s son.

This close collaborator, confides that the President of the National Assembly is angry, reason why Paul Biya ignores it. “For several years, Paul Biya has no longer received him in audience at the Palace of Unity despite his insistence. He is also very angry because he suspects the collaborators of Paul Biya of blocking some of his initiatives like the appointment of a new secretary general to the National Assembly, since he fell out with Geoffroy Désiré Mbock, the successor of Victor Yene Ossomba ”. Concludes this one.

Source: Actu Cameroon