Governor of Adamawa Region identifies and eliminate 20 illegal control posts

On January 6, Kildadi Taguieke Boukar made an unexpected visit on the Ngaroundéré-Garoua and Ngaoundéré-Touboro highway.

A useful start of the year for the governor of the Adamawa region, who begins an unexpected control on the national road N ° 1. These are the Ngaoundéré-Garoua, Ngaoundéré-Touboro axes. For the circumstance,

the latter is in the company of all staff, but also, officials of the national union of road transporters of Cameroon.

It is a question here, of enforcing the regulations in force. But above all to put an end to the excessive controls on the Ngaoundéré-Garoua-Ndjamena corridor, in the northern region and Ngaoundéré-Touboro-Moundo

in Chad. At the time, he flushed out about twenty fictitious checkpoints.

Fraudulent installation

“The first checkpoint is the road control brigade of the regional transport delegation for Adamawa. Then, the elements of the Ngaoundéré road plateau and the gendarmes and customs officers. Here, a 20 km long

route, including the section that leads from Ngaoundéré to the Mbé cliff, there are 12 gendarmerie and police checkpoints. Cameroonian customs are not to be left aside. They installed themselves fraudulently, “said a

source in the governor’s delegation. “There are official checkpoints and this road is a sub-regional corridor. Our objective is to put an end to the abusive controls, which in reality are stations installed to scam road

users. It was following a citizen’s denunciation that we decided to act and we warned these people as well as the heads of units of our law enforcement forces to put an end to this practice ”, clarifies the governor.

By Subiru M.