A 15years old boy by name Vaneck has died in Douala days after being hit on the with a piece of brick during an argument.

According to some sources, Vaneck was playing with his friends in the Ndogpassi neighborhood in the Douala 3 sub-division.
According to his father, the Incident happened on the 22nd of January 2022. Vaneck his son left the house and was playing football with his friends in the quarter when suddenly a dispute erupted between two brothers over a foul during the game. as the argument went on, it became violent and one boy picked up a piece of brick to shoot his brother with it.

unfortunately for Vaneck he was standing directly behind the target, and the boy dodged the brick hit Vaneck at the back of his neck. He was rushed urgently to the Laquintinie Hospital were he gave up the ghost some days after..
The young boys father states that “we spent huge sums of money, yet the doctors could not save his life” and he blames the doctors for negligence and not taking proper care of his son.